I’m Abby. Writer, dreamer, believer, sometimes-adventurer. I live under wide-open blue skies and these Colorado mountains have my heart. I love books and coffee and deep conversations. My desire is to be a woman of grace, with a backbone of theology and a heart filled with God’s love and eyes that see the good and the beautiful.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m not sure you’ve given up those last illusions quite yet, Abby. πŸ˜‰ You may not put a crown on his head or absolutely require a white steed, but you’ve certainly been all about the future rich husbands lately! πŸ˜‰

  2. Have you ever tried Twinnings Lady Grey tea? Its is very good. If I do say so myself. Your blog is very fun to read, and has put me in the mood to go tackle my Edwardian problem–I mean outfit. Thanks ever so much for the inspiration. ~Elizabeth

  3. Good evening Madam:

    I stumbled across your site while researching Edwardian clothing and thought your description of yourself quite charming. And, your dressmaking skills are remarkable!

    But now you’ve left me wondering: why are you expecting a “Prince” to ride in on a white horse? After all, that’s so antiquated. A modern man of self-made means is the order of day, is he not? And he would no-doubt crash, uh… land… his flying machine within your proximity and soar away with you (depending on a favorable wind and high-test gasoline of course).

    Snarky comments aside, I was researching because I race kinetic sculptures and have been working for several months on a steampunk-inspired dirigible/amphibious craft similar to those appearing in the Frank Reade, Jr. series. My alter-ego is a flawed evil genius and desperately needs something fitting to wear while piloting his new machine. Any ideas?

    Photos of my previous efforts can be seen at http://www.kineticists.org. I also build and fly Wright Brothers aircraft and exhibit them occasionally, but I’m afraid that website is still under construction.

    Very truly yours,
    Dr. scott Diabolical
    Frederick, CO

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